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Semakh Statue Unveiled

The statue, ‘No Greater Love Than This,’ was dedicated this week in Semakh a century after the historic battle—honouring the Aboriginal soldiers who bled and died in WWI.

In recognition of Aboriginal Troopers of WW1

This year on September 25th a full size statue to honour Aboriginals of WW1 will be unveiled at Semakh, Israel. This exciting event is mainly a result of Christians for Israel’s generous offer of meeting dollar for dollar donations given for the memorial.

Honouring the Unique Australian-Aboriginal and Israeli Connection

When preparing for the Australian Light Horse Association’s commemoration of the centenary of the charge at Beersheba, I felt it important to acknowledge the role of Aboriginal Troopers in WW1. 
Although relatively small in number, they “punched well above their weight” making a significant contribution in the campaign, particularly in the crucial battle for Semakh. 

The charge of Beersheba reenactment aftermath

The charge of Beersheba reenactment aftermath

The centenary of the charge of Beersheba created enormous interest in Israel. I estimate some many millions of shekels were spent on preparation for the event. With grandstands, field preparations, streets adorned with banners and flags of Australia, New Zealand and Israel, not to mention the enormous cost of security with the Prime Ministers of […]

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