An important statement of pro-Israel Christian beliefs in relation to Israel was prepared last year by a core group of pro-Israel Christian leaders in Australia. It should not be identified in any way as the official position of any particular organisation – rather, it is an attempt to provide a clear, uncompromising, simply-expressed Biblically-based statement making clear where we as Israel-supporting Aussie Christians stand. This statement (see bottom of this article) is grounded firmly and primarily in God’s Word, and was drawn up in the light of compelling Biblical arguments in support both of Israel’s right to sovereignty over Judea and Samaria and of the indivisibility of Jerusalem, as well as a fundamental rejection of the ‘classic’ two-state solution to the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians, viewed increasingly by many as now ‘dead in the water’. In addition, the increasing level of political activity and negative posturing by the United Nations and by many nations of the world on Israel’s right to her God-given land, as well as the positive and powerful heritage of the Anzac legacy, contribute to making this a vital matter on which Australian Christians must now make a clear and uncompromising stand. There are many […]

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