Did you know at least one Arab source declares Israel has just seven years before being wiped off the map? Bassam Jarrar, a Palestinian Sunni Islamic scholar published ‘End of Israel 2022’ in Arabic. It was translated by discoveringislam.org Jarrar wrote the rst draft of his book in Lebanon, after being deported from Israel in 1993. He wrote: ‘Arab Muslims will re-enter the Al-Aqsa mosque for a second time, after destroying the Jewish state… the rst temple was destroyed in 586 BC… the forces that will re-enter Jerusalem will destroy, kill and tear apart everything that comes under their control.’ While some will interpret scriptures and events to suit a particular agenda the late Derek Prince said: ‘One of the major themes of Biblical prophecy is the destiny of Israel. From the birth of Israel as a nation to the final consummation of her destiny, every major stage has been predicted by her own prophets.’ (Prophetic Destinies, Derek Prince, Creation House.) Jesus said He will return to Jerusalem, His holy city. (Luke 21:24) So we can be certain Jerusalem remains and is in Jewish hands on that great and awesome day. Years ago a Syrian journalist interviewed on Palestinian Authority […]

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