Israel and International Law – Natasha Hausdorff

Israel is constantly being accused of committing genocide in Gaza and violating international law. The Jewish nation faces condemnation after condemnation by the UN, many world leaders, and human rights organizations. How true are these allegations against Israel?
And why is Hamas not on trial in the international legal arena? Natasha Hausdorff, a barrister from London, is specialized in this subject and shares her insights.

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How do Israeli Arabs view the war in Gaza?

The war with Hamas has a great impact not only on the Jewish community in Israel, but also on the Arab residents of Israel. How did they experience Oct 7th and how do they view the war with Hamas? In this interview we talk with Saleem Shalash, pastor of a church in Nazareth.

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Is there a Biblical significance of the Hamas-Israel war?

In this special and exclusive one-on-one interview Leo Slingerland the CEO of Family Media in Kenya meets with Rev. Willem Glashouwer President of Christians for Israel International. In this conversation Rev. Glashouwer sheds light on what is happening in Israel and discusses its Biblical significance. Watch this insightful interview.

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StandWithUs presents Hillel Neuer.

The recent exposure of UNRWA’s involvement in the Oct. 7 attack shocked the world. None other than Hillel Neuer, the director of UN Watch, spearheaded the exposure of the close ties between Hamas and the UN organization UNRWA. Not only did UN Watch reveal direct involvement of UNRWA employees on Oct. 7, but also structural demonization of Jews in the education they provide and Hamas’ abuse of UNWRA facilities.

Join Hillel Neuer for a comprehensive presentation shedding light on the institutional bias against Israel within the United Nations, as well as UNRWA’s complicity in enabling terrorism against Israel!

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The Recorded Atrocities

Join us for a harrowing journey into the heart of darkness, as recounted by a witness with decades of experience in some of the toughest prisons in the United States. This video unveils the brutal reality faced by...

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Why Hamas Takes Hostages

In this insightful video, explore the complex dynamics between Israel and Hamas, including the use of the Iron Dome defense system against rocket attacks and the controversial prisoner exchanges that have shaped the...

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The Nature of Blood Hatred

In this gripping video, we confront the chilling reality of conflict beyond borders. Hamas, accompanied by civilians, unleashed a wave of violence, leaving devastation in its wake. Despite parallels to history's darkest...

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