Menorah lighting in Sderot

Frank van Oordt, director of Christians for Israel Netherlands, is in the city of Sderot in Southern Israel today to celebrate the final evening of Hanukkah. He shares his experience of being in the warzone.

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2,000 join silent march in The Hague, The Netherlands

Approximately 2,000 people joined a silent march in The Hague (Netherlands) on Thursday December 7th, to call for the release of the hostages held by Hamas in Gaza. The procession walked in silence past the Dutch House of Representatives and the Red Cross headquarters. At the House of Representatives, a statement was handed over to the foreign affairs spokespersons of various political parties.

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A New Zealander in the middle of a warzone

Bryce Turner is Director of Christians for Israel New Zealand. Before the 7th of October Bryce planned to lead a Study Tour in Israel with a group from New Zealand. Because of the war the tour was cancelled, however Bryce felt that it was important to go to Israel and encourage the people in Israel in this time of great need. He helps out at Hineni, a humanitarian restaurant in the heart of Jerusalem, supported by C4I. Bryce shares in this video what he learned while meeting with and listening to Israelis in the past weeks.

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Jerusalem will never be divided.

All rockets fired at Israel by Hamas carry the name of ‘Al-Quds’, the Arabic name for Jerusalem. Jerusalem has always been the center of attention, not only in the media, peace negotiations and the current war, but also in the Bible. Ultimately, in the end times, the battle is about Jerusalem.

In this interview, Rev. Oscar Lohuis shares his thoughts about the current situation in Israel. How are the neighboring countries affected by their own decisions regarding Israel? How are we as Christians supposed to bless Israel, and what are the Biblical prophecies telling us?

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If you are afraid say the prayer ‘ Shema Israel’

Benjamin is a long time friend of Christians for Israel. We’ve been supporting his organization Hineni, a humanitarian restaurant in the heart of Jerusalem, for many years. In these times it is important to keep our friends close. In this interview Benjamin shares how he together with his family experienced the terrible massacre on the 7th October.

He explains how Israel deals with the current situation and gives an update on the situation at Hineni in this time of crisis. Benjamin gives us tools how we as Christians can help and support the Jewish people.

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The suffering is beyond words – Interview with Johan van der Ham

Since 24 November, there’s a temporary ceasefire between Hamas and Israel. Part of the deal is the release of 50 Israeli hostages, among them children and their mothers. The families of all hostages are living between hope and fear. Will their loved one(s) be among the released hostages?

Johan van der Ham was recently in Israel on behalf of Christians for Israel. He met with families of hostages and visited some of the destroyed kibbutzim in the south of Israel.

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We stand with Israel

As Christians, we need to stand with Israel. C4I affiliates around the world have joined rallies and meetings to express their support for Israel.

Keep praying for Israel, the church and the nations:
– Pray that the love for Israel will grow in your country.
– Pray that those who support Israel will share their thoughts and feelings about the situation.
– Pray that those who speak out for Israel will not fear criticism or threats.
– Pray for churches to speak the truth.

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