Israel is under an extremely serious, persistent & fanatical threat of total annihilation. Very few people, including most Christians, seem concerned about this, giving neither sympathy or support to Israel and her future. But God is extremely concerned about it. Ignoring Israel at this time will certainly incur God’s powerful wrath. The present situation particularly, in the Middle East, is one of complicated uncertainty. However, two things are certain to happen. Firstly, the predicted attack will happen and secondly, Almighty God will definitely intervene to rescue Israel from intended destruction. What I share with you here is not set in concrete in my own mind. I am still quietly waiting on the Lord for more light, revelation and further understanding on this supremely important subject. However, I definitely believe this state of affairs is worthy of our closest possible investigation. I earnestly invite you to join me in this exploration. Please carefully and honestly study Zechariah 12, particularly verse 10, and also Psalm 83. Ask God to give you clear revelation and understanding of these amazing prophecies given some 3,600 years ago. The fact that they are so vitally accurate after all these years gives extra credibility to them. They […]

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