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How Blindness to Antisemitism Threatens Parties and Movements

Keir Starmer, the post-Corbyn leader of the British Labour party acted swiftly to demote a Member of Parliament who tweeted an article containing a paragraph linking Israel to the killing of George Floyd. In truth, when Labour MP Rebecca Long-Bailey tweeted the interview with the actress Maxine Peake in which she made the appalling and unfounded claim, Long-Bailey may have had no sinister intentions. Indeed, she may have missed the offending paragraph altogether.

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Continuing the Legacy of Peter Kentley

Beersheba Vision was founded by the late Peter Kentley in 2017 in order to maintain the memory of that pivotal battle at Beersheba in 1917 between the British Empire and her Allies and the Ottoman Empire. As is known, that was the beginning of the end of Ottoman rule in the Holy Land and the modern day State of Israel came into being 3 decades later.

Jews Making Aliyah to Israel

What Would I Have Done? What Can I Do Now If I Had The Chance?

I have written in previous articles about the fact that Christians have been given specific scriptural directives from our Sovereign God regarding our interaction with our Jewish brethren. He has grafted us into the Olive Tree, through Messiah, and asks us to lovingly embrace our older brethren, they whose ‘warfare is nearly at an end’ (Isaiah 40:2).

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Christians for Israel (C4I) is a non-denominational movement. We believe that Christians of all denominations and backgrounds should be united in their love for the Jewish people, in their support for the nation of Israel and in their collective repentance because of Jewish suffering throughout Church history.

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Bring Biblical understanding in the Church and among the nations of God’s purposes for Israel and promote comfort of His people through prayer and action.

For Zion’s sake I will never be silent, for Jerusalem’s sake I will not remain quiet.

Isaiah 62:1


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