Israeli Projects You Can Support


Help Jews come home to Israel, fulfilling prophecy (Isaiah 49:22).


Give physical, emotional and pscological help for survivors of terror attacks.

Jaffa Institute

Feed & educate underprivileged Israeli children.

First Home

Provide shelter to Olim as they Integrate into Israeli society for the first time.


Bring immediate medical assistance to the inhabitants of Israel when lives are taken or in need of help.

Joseph Storehouse

Provide medical equipment, food, toiletries, clothing & other necessities to Arabs & Jews in need.

Emergency Shelters

Help provide portable rocket and bomb shelters to the citizens of Israeli suburbs for protection from terrorism.

Keren Hayesod

Advancing weaker communities and connecting young Diaspora Jews to Israel and Jewish life.

Summer Camp Project

Every $50 you donate will help one child experience the Bethlehem Summer Camp.

Fire Fighting Appeal

Help Israeli’s prevent new fires and extinguish existing fires as a result of terrorism.


Offers children with disabilities support through a variety of services.

CFOIC Heartland

Christian Friends of Israeli Communities giving aid, security and support for people living in Judea and Samaria.

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