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C4I Study Tours

It’s the Trip of a Lifetime!

Experiencing the Holy Land on Tours to Israel is a life-changing experience for any Christian.

You will come away with a deeper understanding of the Bible as well as a fresh appreciation of culture, sights and sounds of modern Israel.

The Bible comes alive, not just with vibrant colours and landscapes but with sounds and smells, tastes and textures.

We offer / reccommend 3 types of tours – each with a particular flavour, feel and affordability.

1. Christians for Israel offer Study Tours. These typically involve a little more in-depth understanding of the Holy Land from a prophetic viewpoint, combining the ideals of C4I to inform, inspire and comfort – the jewish people. Also includes some of C4I’s teaching experts as guides – like Willem Glashouwer and Andrew Tucker.

2. Christians for Israel also offer Isreality tours. Designed to cater for a younger audience these tours include great overviews of the importance of Israel, Christian Faith and the Bible – yet in a more light-weight format. Also includes time for more fun and relation and is a lot more cost effective.

3. Hosted by two experienced and passionate guides – Ian and Mandy Worby – Vision Christian Tours offer pilgrimages to the Holy Land every year. On each tour, we work alongside local, professional messianic guides, who provide a detailed and informative commentary. Great value for money.

All tours are organised through our Israel tour agency specialists, Olive Tree Travel.

Secure & Safe

You are in safe hands travelling throughout Israel.

Value for Money

Most of our offered tours include return airfares, accomodation, meals and beverages (bar some lunches), access to sites and much more.

Faith Enriching

All tours are designed to encourage and equip the Christian in his/her faith. You will discover the Bible will come to life in ways you’ve never experienced before!

Love for Israel

Discover a love and appreciation for God’s people and God’s land in ways you never knew.