The C4I Movement

Christians for Israel is a movement, not an organisation. Nevertheless, a degree of organisation is necessary for us to function effectively and achieve our mission.

National C4I Affiliates

Each national C4I affiliate is responsible for achieving the C4I Mission, Vision, Values and Beliefs in its own jurisdiction. The national C4I affiliates enter into an Affiliation Agreement with C4I International, confirming their commitment to the global C4I movement, and the core C4I Mission, Vision, Values and Belief.

C4I International

A non-profit foundation established under Dutch law with four main tasks:

  • To give overall leadership to the global C4I movement in terms of mission, vision, values and beliefs;
  • To equip, encourage and strengthen the C4I affiliates to become/remain effective and financially self-sustaining;
  • To develop and disseminate core educational resources; and
  • To pioneer the bringing of the message into new geographical and language areas.

The C4I Affiliates contribute annually 10% of their ministry income to finance the work of C4I  International. In addition, C4I International obtains financial support from donors and sponsors.

Governing Board. C4I International is governed by a Board comprising representatives of several national C4I affiliates. The C4I International Board meets regularly. Members of the International Board are appointed for a four year period, which may be extended. The Chairman is appointed by the

Board for a specified period. President. The President of Christians for Israel international is a statutory position. The President is appointed by, and reports directly to, the C4I International Board. He has a specific role in providing leadership in respect of speaking, teaching and education.

Executive Director and staff. The Executive Director is appointed by the Board and is responsible for implementing the plans and budgets established by the governing board. The Executive Director oversees a small staff.

Andrew Tucker, Julie Blinco and Mark – some of our team from Christians for Israel working together.