An Ambassador of Support for Israel and the Jewish people

June 4, 2022
Support for Israel

As an Israeli citizen for more than twenty years, and a resident of Israel’s fifth largest city, I am no stranger to the conflict between Israel and her enemies. Most countries have to defend its borders, but Israel also has to defend from within, as frequently both soldiers and citizens are attacked by Palestinian terrorists. It is so sad to see Jewish families mourn the death of their loved ones in senseless killings. Slowly, most Israeli leaders have recognised there is no partner among the ones that are now called Palestinian. I emphasize now, because it used to be Jewish individuals who were called Palestinian prior to the establishment of the modern nation of Israel. 

Recently, there have been several terror attacks where Palestinian gunmen have simply shot and killed whatever Jewish people they could. It is clear that the Palestinian so-called “peace movement” is really about hate. Unfortunately, when traveling throughout the world, there is an overwhelming tendency to support the creation of a Palestinian state. The news media presents a very false narrative for what is at the heart of the conflict. The problem, as the Palestinian leadership see it, is the existence of the nation of Israel and Jewish people residing in the Land promised to us by G-d. I am not surprised by this worldly perspective, but what is most discouraging is seeing a majority of Christian denominations and organisations echo the false and unscriptural position of the enemy. When I speak of the enemy, I am referring to Satan. 

It is incumbent upon every believer to understand the prophetic revelation of the Bible

I am reminded of one Christian leader who repeatedly states that there is no longer any right to the land for the Jewish people because they are covenant breakers. Yet, in the Prophets of the Bible, one reads how G-d will bring the Jewish people back to the Promised Land in the End Times to fulfil His plans and purposes. What Israel needs, and what you can do, is to become an Israeli ambassador. It is incumbent upon every believer to understand the prophetic revelation of the Bible. As disciples of Yeshua (Jesus), we need to be well acquainted with what the Bible reveals about both the Jewish people and the Land of Israel as it relates to the last days. Speak up at your local congregation and share what is truly happening in Israel. People need to hear a factual presentation of what is occurring.  Not too long ago, a well-known model reported that the Israeli army killed a Palestinian. She neglected to include in her post on social media that this Palestinian had murdered several Jewish individuals who had no interaction with him whatsoever. 

You can make a difference, one person at a time. Do not underestimate what one person can do in their community. Get Biblically educated about what the Word of G-d actually says about the land and the Jewish people and take time to be informed about what the Jewish people are suffering here in Israel.  



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