Disaster in Ukraine: emergency food aid needed

June 14, 2023
Photo: Christians for Israel Ukraine
Photo: Christians for Israel Ukraine

You probably heard about it on the news. There is a major environmental disaster happening in Ukraine after the dam near Nova Kachovka was destroyed. In Ukraine, people are referring to it as the biggest disaster since the explosion of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in 1986.

Earlier this week, shortly after the destruction of the dam, I wrote an update on the situation:

Dam near Nova Kakhovka (Ukraine) destroyed – Disaster in the making?

Outreach in Ukraine

As Christians for Israel, we have a large team of staff and dedicated volunteers in Ukraine. We are ready to help people evacuate from the area affected by the disaster and we informed the Jewish communities about this.

Meanwhile, our “normal” work in Ukraine also continues. It is becoming increasingly difficult for the sixteen soup kitchens that we support to continue to meet the growing need of food aid after almost 1.5 years of war. With the current situation in Kherson province, leading to many refugees, the pressure will increase even more.

Photos of our Meals on Wheels: preparation and distribution

Your donation for Meals on Wheels

Please make a donation to help Jewish elderly in need, the sick and refugees.

Every month about 4,000 meals are prepared in the sixteen soup kitchens. These are prepared with great care and then either picked up or lovingly delivered to people’s homes. In the coming period, thousands of extra meals will be needed.

For $15, you enable us to prepare and distribute a nutritious meal! Will you help?

Click here to donate.

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    Thank you for giving me the opportunity to bless the Jews of Ukraine in their terrible hour of need. I have contacted Rudy on phone No. 3088 6900 and made a donation to aid this worthy cause.


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