New Leadership at ‘Prayer for Israel, Australia’

November 28, 2020
Peter and Sandra Schuptar-Dead Sea near Arad
Peter and Sandra Schuptar-Dead Sea near Arad

In July 2020 Peter and Sandra Schuptar of Brisbane assumed the role of Administrators of Prayer for Israel-Australia.

Peter and Sandra have been involved in Israel ministry since 2008, not long after their first visit to The Land. They have been holding monthly Prayer for Israel meetings in their home since 2015.
You may also know them from their “Israel Restoration Seminars” held annually since 2017 in the Queensland capital, Brisbane.

They have also been taking small intimate tours of Israel since 2013, (6-8people) but recently had to cancel their largest tour (16 people) due to the Covid-19 virus. “It’s truly amazing,” says Peter, “We started with 6 people, and within 2 weeks we had another 10, even without advertising!”

Sandra continues, ”In every place where we travel, we discover Christians who have received a love for Israel from the Lord, giving them a burden to visit and more importantly Pray for Israel which they cannot even explain.”

Some Important History

‘PRAYER FOR ISRAEL’ founded by Ken Burnett (UK) and now led by Paul Smith (UK), received its call in England in 1969, to nurture the Body of Christ in Israel, by prayer and by giving.

Prayer for Israel’s primary function is to support and encourage through prayer and giving, the ever emergent ‘Body of Messiah’ in Israel.

The main thrust in prayer and purpose is for the salvation of the re-gathered nation. This is the main distinguishing feature of Prayer For Israel – Australia Inc.

That this is close to the Lord’s heart is evident, for the small number of born-again believers in Israel in 1969 comprised only two fellowships; now (in 2020) 51 years later, there are many thousands, with over 100+ fellowships having been established. The number of born-again believers in Israel is greater today than at any time since the first century!

Richard and Shirley Jones of Toowoomba (Qld) was the first Australian Administrators. Richard and Shirley gathered a supportive team around them and established the Incorporated Association of Prayer for Israel Australia in 1991. Faithfully promoting the work so as to gain prayerful and financial support for the Messianic believers in Israel. They continued to maintain and develop this support until in 2004, when Richard became ill, necessitating them to seek the Lord’s wisdom for someone else to undertake this responsibility.

Rev. Fraser and Jayne Harding were approached with the view of taking over the reins in July 2005. However, that turned out to be a momentous year for Rev Fraser and Jayne, as Jayne was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in May. Consequently, this delayed the timing for them to fully take over the responsibility until the first Prayer for Israel Conference in June 2006. Such conferences became an annual event and were a great encouragement and blessing to local Australian supporters.

Sadly, on the 7th of September 2008, Jayne Harding succumbed to her illness and went to be with the Lord. While Rev. Harding remained on the board of Prayer for Israel for some years after Jayne’s death, it was understandably difficult to carry on as Administrator without his life’s partner so, Patrick and Joan Sheehan, also from Brisbane, were approached by Fraser to undertake the responsibility of leading this vital work.

Since 2008, Patrick and Joan have faithfully undertaken the responsibility of this ministry as well as the administration of Prayer for Israel Australia. So after 12 years of faithful service, they have stood down (although still serving on the board) and Peter and Sandra Schuptar have taken up the Administration of this vitally important work.

What We Are, Who We Are and What We Offer

We offer a monthly Prayer Bulletin subscription for the small price of $35 per year, which brings news from the believers in Israel, both Jewish and Arab, a teaching segment, and details of new materials available on CD and DVD.

We also support “Light for the Last Days” prophetic magazine from Tony Pearce (UK) including quarterly magazine-style updates for a subscription of $25 per year, 4 Issues.

Prayer for Israel-Australia is a non-profit organisation, administered by volunteer workers, with all the above-mentioned proceeds going towards the needs of the believers in Israel.

Every donation is forwarded by Prayer for Israel-Australia in its entirety, to whatever area of ministry the giver designates including:

Distribution of food, clothing, household and medical supplies, refugee relief, transportation, housing and assistance, pregnancy support, orphans and programs for needy children, Holocaust survivor health, medical support along with educational and cultural activities.

Peter and Sandra will also visit your congregation by invitation to share on “Why it is important to Pray for Israel”  (See contact details below)

Our monthly Prayer for Israel bulletin keeps you in touch with most of the fellowships and ministries, providing news of them along with their needs. God has raised up faithful and humble shepherds as pastors in Israel, as He promised, for this end-time. Because the Land is so small, they are able to work in many areas of ministry, such as pro-life, drugs and alcohol deliverance, evangelism, together preparing to fulfil God’s purposes.

Groups from Prayer for Israel frequently visit the many fellowships in the Land and keep in close touch with them. Prayer for Israel is also involved in ‘comforting’ God’s people and bringing them home to Israel. Anti-Semitism is growing throughout the world, and we at Prayer for Israel are called to pray and assist in bringing the Jews home to Israel.

In the book of Jeremiah (Jer 16: 14-16) God said that He would first send the fishers to fish for them, and then He would send the hunters, for it is His determination to them back to Israel and to Himself.
We ask that you prayerfully consider supporting this ministry simply by taking out an annual subscription to our monthly newsletter and magazine for the small sum of $35 per year. That’s less than $3 per month! The information enclosed is invaluable and often not printed anywhere else.

To Donate or subscribe to Prayer for Israel Australia Inc:

BSB: 638 070
Acc: 8091854 | Heritage Bank


Please contact Peter and Sandra at the address below:



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