The Collapse of Afghanistan and the Implications for the West and Israel

November 27, 2021
Gideon choosing his soldiers
Gideon choosing his soldiers: Picture from The Holy Scriptures, Old and New Testaments books collection published in 1885, Stuttgart-Germany. Drawings by Gustave Dore.

The mortal danger of losing the will to fight

If there was ever a lesson we must learn from the disaster of Afghanistan it is this, victory comes from motivation from within not support from without. The Afghan army had the firepower and support from arguably the greatest military power on earth so why did they fall quicker than a snowman in a sudden heatwave? President Biden rightly said, “it was because they had no will to fight”.

The threat to Israel There is no doubt the forces of militant Islam have been greatly emboldened by their victory in Afghanistan and they have made clear their intentions regarding Israel. To make matters worse, a huge amount of sophisticated weaponry left behind by the Americans is finding its way already into Iran the arch-enemy of Israel. Fortunately, all Jews have now been extricated from the country but the large and growing Christian population will have to take cover according to Lt. Col Richard Kemp.

They are desperately in need of our prayers, as the “cleansing purge” of the Taliban has already begun. There is every chance of a blood bath occurring and if some reports are correct, it may have started already.

Rest assured, like Covid, “Islamic Holy War” is here to stay.

The Threat to Australia and the War against God

My great fear is that we in Western democracies will cave into the ever-constant assault on our freedoms and values by the Socialist Marxist forces of the left. This ideology has been marching through our universities for years undermining steadily the Judaeo-Christian values that have been the bulwark of Western democracy.

The important thing to realise is that there is a powerful spiritual dimension to this, in short, it is a revolt against God. Karl Marx revealed his allegiance with the enemy of God in his dark poem. ‘The Fiddler’. “With Satan I have struck my deal. He chalks the signs, beats time for me, I play the death march fast and free”. Another line from the ‘Pale Maiden’ states; “Thus heaven I’ve forfeited, I know it full well. My soul once true to God, is chosen for hell.”

The great cosmic battle between good and evil is spilling out onto the stage of human history as never before.

We may feel outgunned and outnumbered, but take heart from the lessons of history. Gideon with just 300 defeated the great Midianite Army. Fast-forwarding to 1948, the small Israeli army armed with not much more than Lee Enfield rifles defeated six heavily armed Arab armies.

In a different arena men like Wilberforce, Shaftesbury and other slavery abolitionists, although greatly outnumbered, took on the might of the prevailing powers and won. There is a common dynamic here and it is this, they all had an unshakeable belief in the rightness of their cause and above all a willingness to fight to the end. They did not live with their heads in the clouds, they knew that “faith without works is dead” (James 2:26 NKJV). In America they sent petitions to Congress, ran for political office and inundated people of the South with anti-slavery literature. Wilberforce did the same in the UK parliament.

The great cosmic battle between good and evil is spilling out onto the stage of human history as never before. It is so easy to get conditioned by the Marxist influences which are designed to do just that, condition us slowly but surely to accept their Godless worldview. Marxists know how to manipulate a crisis to achieve their own agenda, and I believe we are seeing this happening before our eyes.

We are at War

Rod Dreher remarked, “The future of Christianity depends on the ability of believers to find effective ways of living out our faith in an increasingly hostile and chaotic culture.” Does this just mean we turn the other cheek and accept our lot? I think not, the New Testament uses military terminology to a great extent in describing the Christian life.

We have lost the ability to travel freely, meet with loved ones even at a funeral, and even when State boarders are open, passports will no doubt be required. Religious freedom is also under attack, as the “left” see that “freedom” as code for anti-gay bigotry and are campaigning strongly against it. Our ANZAC history and indeed history in general, tells us freedom comes at a cost. The apostle Paul encourages us to “Be on the alert, stand firm in the faith, act like men and be strong” (1 Corinthians 16:13 NASB).

If we lose the will to fight, all will be lost. That is the lesson of Afghanistan.



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