The Land, the People and the Scriptures of Israel

October 21, 2023
Christianity's Jewish Roots

Why does Israel matter to Christians? A Gentile Christian living in the Peloponnesian Greek city of Corinth 1,950 years ago would have replied, “I abandoned my gods to worship the God of Israel. I separated myself from family and community for the sake of the Messiah of Israel. The Jewish people have become my kinsmen by faith. The Scriptures of Israel enlighten and instruct me. The King of Israel (may He return quickly) is my King, and when He returns, He will summon me to serve Him in the land of Israel, in the holy city of Jerusalem, where He will be enthroned!”

Initially, Christianity was an inherently Jewish religion, with Jesus, his disciples, and early followers all being Jewish. Centered in Israel, the faith had strong ties to the land, people, and Scriptures of Israel. However, replacement theology gradually buried these Jewish foundations, leading to the evolution of Christianity into various global forms detached from or even hostile to its Jewish origins.

The loss of Christianity’s Jewish foundation has resulted in spiritual disconnection and hindered its potential. Churches that forget the Jewish Jesus cannot stand strong. Israel appears remote, the people of Israel unfamiliar, and the Scriptures of Israel difficult to understand. Restoring Christianity’s spiritual strength requires returning to its original foundation. program that aims to fix this historical problem. All ten lessons are intended to clarify the believer’s relationship to the Land, the People, and the Scriptures of Israel. The Bible predicts that when Jesus returns, the Jewish foundation will be restored. All Israel will be saved, and the nations will learn the Torah from King Messiah. The rediscovery of Christianity’s Jewish roots signals the beginning of this prophetic restoration, reconnecting believers with their foundational heritage.

The loss of Christianity’s Jewish foundation has resulted in spiritual disconnection and hindered its potential.

Embracing the theological challenges a Jewish perspective presents on the New Testament can be daunting. Reevaluating preconceptions about Yeshua and the Bible can be unsettling. However, Yeshua said believers must be like new wineskins, prepared to confront old misconceptions about the Bible, Israel, and Yeshua himself (Luke 5:37-38). The journey into the land, people, and Scriptures of Israel may be a less-traveled path, but it is rewarding for those who choose to embark on it.

After almost two thousand years, Jewish people are beginning to reconsider Jesus, and many are declaring Him to be the Messiah. Christians are rediscovering their own rela- tionship with Israel and the Jewish people. New insights into the Bible are yielding rich results. God is on the move, and the wheels of biblical prophecy have begun to turn. This is one of the most exciting times in history to be alive, and HaYesod: The Foundation is your introduction to the excitement.

This August a brand new edition of HaYesod: The Foundation will be available, guiding Christians on a logical journey to uncover the Jewish foundations of their faith. HaYesod is an essential tool for helping your Christian friends establish a meaningful and transformative connection to the land, people, and Scriptures of Israel.



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