The Stiff-necked Jews!

November 14, 2023
Magen David Adom

It has been one month since the massacre of 1400 innocent people, whole families, children, women and elderly, and the kidnapping of 242 Israelis. We now have lost 29 soldiers in this war for our existence. Our nation mourns together as we light candles in memory of the fallen.

Even with the stress of family and friends being called back into the army and our worry for the hostages, Israelis strive to be a positive light, continuing to cherish life, living with purpose, and with kindness. There is no sense of vengeance – only determination to root out evil – for the sake of Israel, and for the innocent Palestinian civilians, and yes, for civilization.

This exemplifies WHY the Jews (that God called a stiffnecked people – stubborn, unbending, and tenacious – were chosen by God to bring His Word to the world. And WHY God gave this land to the Jewish people to possess, see Deuteronomy 9:6. Today, when our youth are sworn into the army, one hand is on the Bible, and the other holding their rifle. In spite of the increasing spread of vicious international anti-Jew protests and actions, God gives us strength.

On 7 October, Magen David Adom lost several team members – paramedics, EMTs and ambulance drivers were murdered while tending to the wounded. Nearly 85% of our amazing staff are volunteers (36,000), doing what God had called them to do, even under fire with their own lives at risk. The courage and the purpose they have in their mission in saving lives is evident every day.

Bullet-ridden, burnt and destroyed ambulances were purposely attacked so that we would not be able to give treatment to the wounded. We need ambulances urgently!

MDA is the command & control coordinator of all the medical services for the emergency and disaster relief and communicates with the hospitals and doctors in real time preparing them for the incoming wounded. MDA trains and certifies all the paramedics in Israel, including private organizations, so the care is universally excellent. MDA provides 100% of all the blood to the IDF and 97% to the Israeli people of all faiths. MDA directs the calls for whichever ambulance or service is closest to provide the most immediate treatment. This is part of proprietary logistics technology that countries around the world come to see in operation.

As the Christmas season and Advent draws near, we are especially hungry for Good News, for the message of peace and brotherly love. And yet, I see it every day in the compassion, the generosity of spirit, and the patience shown to each other here in Israel. Yes, we may be stressed, we all have fear, but we will not be intimidated against doing what is right. We are not deterred in helping our neighbors. So, in these dark times, His light is shining brighter than ever in our land.

This is a land, a nation and a people I chose – or rather, God planned for me. We don’t always know His plans for us, but as for me, perhaps it is for such a time as this.

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