Unconditional – the Enigma of Antisemitism

March 18, 2023
Auschwitz, Poland
April 25 2022; Auschwitz, Poland: Nazi concentration and extermination camp. EricBery / Shutterstock.com

Announcing the publication of a new book “Unconditional – the Enigma of Antisemitism” by Author and Theologian Rev Fraser Harding. The first public launch of the book was held at Kingdom Church on the Gold Coast Sunday 29 January.

Unconditional - The Enigma of Antisemetism
To order your copy please contact Rev Harding today: fraser@titledeedmedia.com

In the 1980’s significant truths began to dawn upon Bible-believing Christians in a new way after two thousand years of ‘Christian’ antisemitism. Sadly, there was shocking history of blood-libels, pogroms and slaughter that resulted from vitriolic hatred against the Jews and Judaism, much of it imbedded in Christendom. The peak of the Enigma occurred in Europe under the Nazi Regime in the early 1940’s, about which much has been written.

Celebration Shalom

Various Christian pro-Israel movements have been established to support both Israel and the Jewish communities. Celebration Shalom Inc. was one such organisation founded by the late Audrey Hodges on the Gold Coast in the early 1980’s. Audrey believed that God conceived in her spirit the idea ‘to build a bridge of unconditional love and understanding between Christians and Jews’ and ‘to be a healing balm to the Jewish people’. She hoped that this would be the means of helping to eliminate some of the deep hurts and misunderstandings, which existed for centuries, including that for which some Christian leaders were responsible. 

Though fraught with huge challenges, It was a very exciting time and brought about a greater appreciation by the Christian and Jewish communities which embraced the concept. The early chapters of this book record the marvellous history about the good work that was achieved for two decades. Although those activities ceased in 2002, the baton has been passed to other organisations which are endeavouring to fulfil those goals.  

The Enigma

Antisemitism has a long history, existing at least 3,500 years which continues to this day and is even on the rise in the 21st century. It has been called “the longest hatred” but remains an ongoing diabolical and inexplicable attitude about which, sadly, many people are either in ignorance or turn a blind eye and a deaf ear towards its reality. But silence gives licence to the enigma.  We must not be silent! The author provides not only substantive evidence tracing the foundation of this enigma, but also details how it is continuing to develop in 2023. He states “It is time for Bible-believing Christians to make a stand against these evil attitudes and actions which negatively target both Jews as well as the nation of Israel.” 

Holocaust survivors

We must never forget that 6 million Jews including 1½ million children were murdered during the dark days of the Holocaust, simply because they were Jews. Moreover, there were others who experienced the horrors but managed to survive. There are many stories of survivors which have been published, Every person, most especially Christians should read at least two or three of those accounts which are readily available—details can be sourced on the internet.

We must never forget that 6 million Jews including 1½ million children were murdered during the dark days of the Holocaust

Also Included in this book (for the purposes of posterity) are witness accounts of Jewish people, who were living on the Gold Coast at the time and known personally to those of us involved. They were survivors of those dark days and became part of the Celebration Shalom story. Most of those personal stories have not been previously published. 


Well known Jewish personality Dr David Beirman, has written a commendation of the book which is on the back cover. David was a regular attendee and participant at the annual festivals held by Celebration Shalom during those 20+ years when he was Director of the Australasian & South Pacific Israel Government Tourist departmental office.

The Foreword has been written by Hugh Kitson, Christian leader and renowned Film maker with over 45 years’ experience in the film and television industry. Hugh has produced several informative documentaries about Israel and the Holocaust.

About The Author

Professionally Fraser has trained and worked as an Accountant. He is also a Baptist Minister (now retired) and a qualified Theologian. He was ordained into the Christian Ministry and accredited with the Baptist Union of NSW. He has pastored churches in Australia and the UK and was National Director of Ambassadors for Christ in Britain for seven years. In addition, he has served in various Christian pro-Israel ministries in Australia including Prayer for Israel, Good News for Israel (which he founded), and is currently on the board of CMJ in Australia. During various ministry tours he has visited two of the European concentration camps, the relics of the Warsaw Ghetto, and the Babi Yar Holocaust Memorial Centre in the Ukraine.

Fraser has been a frequent visitor to Middle East countries since 1967 e.g. Egypt, Israel Jordan, Turkey and Iran. During 1991 – 2014, he led pilgrim tours from Australia to Middle Eastern countries and was the first Australian to serve as a member of the volunteer guides at the Garden Tomb in Jerusalem which he did over a period of five years from 2010. At 85 years, he conducts limited speaking engagements.



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