You Can Give Lasting Hope to God’s People in Their Time of Need…

August 9, 2021
Sponsored Holocaust Survivors receiving their timely gifts of food, clothing and personal care
Pictures: visiting Jewish people from the Holocaust Survivor sponsorship programme.

There are still about 17,000 Jews living in Ukraine who survived the Holocaust in a camp, in hiding or by escaping. Many of these Holocaust survivors are still struggling to survive – pensions are only a fraction of Western pensions, while prices are now almost the same; medical care is only available in exchange for cash. Christians for Israel offers the opportunity to adopt a Holocaust survivor or a needy Jewish pensioner in Ukraine. Your monthly contribution will help meet their most urgent needs.

Two people of our team are now constantly visiting cities and villages where these Jewish elderly and Holocaust survivors live. Each person has different needs, but generally, people need help with medication, food, clothing and/or repairs. We also provide help in the conflict zone in eastern Ukraine. Whenever our team comes to visit the people, it is a joyful happening for them. It reminds them that they are not forgotten and brings hope to their hearts.

Alina is one of the coordinators of our sponsorship program. After her recent visits to villages Kherson and Nikolayev in southern Ukraine she wrote: “All people have, are their small retirement payments, and their health is often poor. Many have debts for heating or medical bills they cannot pay. Some have children, but they barely make both ends meet themselves. Oftentimes people are without hope and people find it hard to ask for help.”

Ever since the corona pandemic hit Ukraine, the lonely Jewish elderly became lonelier and at the same time more dependent on external help than ever. With your monthly help, we can support these needy Jewish seniors and remind them that they are not forgotten.

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