Focus on the Future (11)

by | Nov 24, 2011 | Focus on the Future Vol. 1, Videos

Rev. Willem Glashouwer uses examples from today’s news in relation to Biblical texts to explain about unfulfilled prophecies. Books on prophecy containing schedules with orders of events can block you from really seeing what is happening today. Now, I have learned of all these systems, but in the end I said: “Lord, I will return to your Word and simply read as you have revealed it!” And then you see that there are in the Bible a lot of unfulfilled prophecies. In what order they will be fulfilled, I don’t know. But one day they will be fulfilled. Because they are in the Bible and the Bible is the Word of God. I don’t know in which order, but it is going to happen. These are all signs of the time pointing towards the coming of the Lord and the coming of His Kingdom. And peace one day will flow forth from Jerusalem and fill the earth.