Focus on the Future Vol. 2 (8)

by | Feb 24, 2013 | Focus on the Future Vol. 2, Videos

In Matthew 24 Jesus speaks about the final days. He talks about wars and famines and lawlessness and false prophets and so forth. But Jesus also mentions two positive signs. One positive sign is in verse 14: “And the Gospel of the Kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations and then the end will come.” Not the end of the world but the end of this phase of world history. And the next phase will start. So, the Gospel will be preached to the ends of the earth.

The second positive sign, Jesus says is: “watch the fig tree.” And by mentioning the fig tree, he means Israel. Not just Israel is coming back to the political scene, but also the old enemies of Israel are coming back to the scene. In this video (Episode 8) Rev Willem Glashouwer is talking about the resurrection of Israel and the consequences of this resurrection. What does the Bible say about all of this and how should we react?