Focus on the Future Vol. 3 (4)

by | May 7, 2013 | Focus on the Future Vol. 3, Videos

The weather in the Netherlands is often not very good. In Africa, there is beautiful warm weather and sunshine. In Holland, we listen to the weather forecast. And we are given the weather forecast for five or six days ahead. They can do that today because of the computers and the weather satellites. And so they can predict the kind of weather that comes to me and you.

In Matthew 16 Jesus discusses the disciples’ ability to predict the weather but not the signs of the times. And in Matthew 24 His disciples ask Him to help them understand the signs of the times. In this week’s video, Rev Willem Glashouwer explains what the disciples were actually asking of Jesus and how we too can deal with and understand the signs of the times and how we can prepare ourselves to participate in that glorious future when Jesus will come to establish His Kingdom of Peace all around the world