Taken captive: Noa is held hostage in Gaza

We all remember the video of Noa Argamani, seated on the back of a motorcycle behind her Hamas captor, begging not to be killed. She became the symbol of the hostages taken into Gaza. C4I spoke to her college friends Ofir and Amit, who travel the world to call for attention to Noa and the fate of the hostages.

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Interview with Leon Meijer and Yechiel Evers

Israel is preparing for a ground offensive in Gaza. The situation is tense – including in the north of the country, due to the threat from Hezbollah. The war in Israel directly affects the Jewish communities worldwide. How does the media coverage contribute to a hostile climate against Jews in their countries? Yechiel Evers, who is a Jew, talks about his experiences in the Netherlands.

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Explainer: Media coverage about Israel

The images are imprinted on our memory. Hamas invades¬ Israel with unprecedented violence. Not surprisingly, many questions are now surfacing: what caused this escalation of violence?

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Urgent Call to Pray for Israel

Rev. Willem Glashouwer, President of Christians for Israel International, shares about the situation in Israel and gives us biblical insight. He asks us to pray for the situation and leads us in prayer.

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Special Broadcast – Situation in Israel

Watch our broadcast on the situation in Israel from Monday, Oct. 9, with in the studio:

Peeber Koelewijn of Christians for Israel, who was in Israel last Saturday when the violence erupted. He shares what he experienced and reflects on the situation.

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Aliyah from Lviv to Israel.

Travel along with the 26 Jewish Ukrainian teenagers by bus from Lviv Ukraine to Warsaw Poland. Their final destination: the promised land. They will study in Israel for 3-4 years with a program called “Na’aleh”. Na’aleh means: “to go before the parents”.

Our Aliyah field worker Koen Carlier and his team were asked by the Jewish Agency to guide the youngsters from Ukraine to Warsaw with their evacuation bus.

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