Press Release: C4I Condemns Terror Attacks in Israel

April 8, 2023

Christians for Israel Australia strongly condemns the recent terrorist attacks with the indiscriminate 34 rocket attacks raining down from Hamas operatives from Lebanon and also Gaza on to Israeli civilians, with some who have been injured over the past 36 hours.

Also the brutal murder of two sisters by jihadists in the Jordan river valley and car ramming attack killing Italian tourist. The sisters in their 20s were traveling with their mother when terrorists opened fired on their vehicle causing it to go off the road. The attackers then went up to the car and shot into it – killing the two sisters and critically wounding the mother.

And an Italian tourist was killed and seven others were hurt in a terror attack on a promenade in Tel Aviv on Friday night. Police and medics said the terrorist carried out a car-ramming attack and appeared to try to access a weapon to open fire on Kaufmann Street, leaving a trail of carnage along several hundred meters and into the adjacent Charles Clore Park, a popular seaside promenade.

Christians for Israel Australia’s national leader Ian Worby said this was particularly distressing to learn that these attacks were happening during the High Holy days of Passover, Easter and Ramadan, when families and communities are spending time in prayerful observance and with families celebrating all that is Good and Holy and wholesome for their communities and it should not be a time of terror and carnage and shedding of innocent blood, or frightened women and children running to bomb shelters.

We stand in solidarity with the citizens of Israel, and pray for those who have suffered loss of loved ones and property.

We call for calm and a return to peace, and common decency by the international media in refraining from vilifying and blaming Israel for these unprovoked attacks of aggression and provocation, as has been done many times in the past.

Israel is a sovereign nation and has the absolute right to respond in protecting her citizens and using all means available to defend itself from such indiscriminate attacks.

We extend our prayers and expressions of love and comfort to the families and victims in Israel and also to our friends across the Jewish communities here in Australia who are distraught and troubled by these wicked events.



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