Focus on the Future Vol. 2 (3)

by | Jan 12, 2013 | Focus on the Future Vol. 2, Videos

A lot is happening in the world today. In every country, all kinds of developments are going on and mostly not for good! Today you see Christianity quickly fading away in Holland. It’s fading away in Europe and in all other parts of the world too. Christianity is fading away and so are the values of the Bible. Other spirits come in and take over the spiritual vacuum. Crime is setting in more and more.

We see that people get hard and they want to get everything for themselves. They have forgotten that God says that you should love Almighty God with all your heart and your fellow man as yourself. In Africa you see how corruption is taking over, you see people dying because of hunger and you see piles of goods decaying on the quays of harbours. We should have a clear vision that we have to deal with the holy God who has given holy laws and that He expects us to love Him for one hundred percent and that as a human family we should care for one another.

Now when we see all this happening it is easily understood that the last days, even the last hour is coming closer and closer. What is it that the Bible has to say about the coming of THE antichrist, the apex, the culmination, the top of all the Antichrists that we have already seen in the course of history? Why can’t he be revealed on the world scene yet? What is holding him back? What is the Bible says about the days leading up to that evil empire when the antichrist will be in full power? Rev Willem Glashouwer discusses all these events in today’s episode (3) of these new series of ‘Focus on the Future’.