Focus on the Future Vol. 2 (4)

by | Jan 20, 2013 | Focus on the Future Vol. 2, Videos

We are living in the final days of this phase of world history. And the Bible calls these days the last days. And the last hour of these last days will be characterized by the coming of a figure that the Bible calls the antichrist. The lawless one, the beast, as the apostle John speaks about him.

There is something that is restraining him, holding him back, so that evil cannot fully come to the surface that not the powers of darkness can take over yet. So he cannot yet manifest himself.

But one day he will.

In Rev. 13:7 you can read that one day he will have full control over all the nations, the tribes, the languages of the world. What kind of an empire will the empire of antichrist be? What is the meaning of the word “antichrist”? What is it that former antichrists and their empires have in common? It is important not to go along with all these antichristian ideas and all these saviors and “Christs” that present themselves.

Stick to your Lord Jesus Christ! Because this man, antichrist, will have power one day, but after that Jesus will come in glory to finish him off and His Kingdom will come and will last for ever and ever, and then you will be part of His Kingdom! Rev Willem Glashouwer explains about the coming of the antichrist and the ideology of his empire.